nic piper
nic piper


Happy Crohn's-mas!

Do you like Christmas?!

Do you like curing Crohn's Disease?!

Would you like to do both all at once while perhaps wearing a festive hat of some description? Well here's your chance!

I entered a slight scribble into a Christmas card competition back in snowy June and the extremely fantastic and nice people at Crohn's and Colitis UK liked it enough to award it 2nd place! How lovely. It's this design only slightly more purpley (background not snowman, obviously).

Now, I'll be peddling my usual Christmas wares on here on the run up to National Turkey Eating Day but I'd love it if you could order some cards from them.  Raise a bit of cash and help what is an invaluable charity for us Crohnsie type stomach clutchers.  They are amazing value at a packet of 10 for £3.75! Fantastic. You should probably buy 2 packs to be on the safe side eh?!

Go here to buy the a few of the little crackers.  Festive hat optional.


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