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This new bit on the site is here to show you the stuff that's been going on artistically in my hum drum little life.  This will include scribbles, commissions, school stuff, side projects, things I wrote on beer mats and other things I reckon you might like to look at.  If it's stories and risky language you want then try the Tales From The Board section.

Lets start with some schooly stuff.  Did a quick and dirty intro to abstract with Year 4 last week. It involved music, paint, big paper and a lot of making a mess. I mean, it's controlled mess making not just spazzing about with paint.  It's Year 4, come on. If I just gave them brushes and let them get on with it I'd be surrounded by Pollocks before you could say "hometime".  We make tiny dots, then circles, then dots in circles, bigger dots, smaller ones, dots around dots, drop our brushes from a get it, controlled.  Then we look at what we've done and talk about the concept of abstract art.  Tough one to get your head around when your brain is still titchy. They came up with 'something that isn't anything but could mean something to someone'.  I'll take that.  We talk about whether we like it, what it means, what it is, how it made us feel and makes us feel.  All very Arty-fa-fa-fa but not enough to make them dizzy.  Then we turned it into what we thought it looked like.  Cue photos...

They decided on a field of flowers.  I'm not going to argue with that.

It worked and they remembered all the things we talked about a week later!

BOOM *mic drop* etc etc

More soon x

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