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nic piper


Rome wasn't built in a day.

Neither were these coins.  Three afternoons to be precise, the last of which I was off playing Game of Crohn's.  The small ones (Year 5) looked at Roman coins and came to the conclusion they had a God for near enough everything.  So, I had them design their own God of something, name it etc so they could make an oversized coin of their own out of clay.  Obviously there were a lot of Gods of Football (we all know that would be Peter Beardsley in real life), Gods of Gaming and Gods of Small Cute Non Bitey Animals.  There were some different ones too like a God of Laughter, a God of Ballet Dancing and a God of Art.  I offered to model for this but was politely turned down.  We used all sorts of stuff to get the details in, pencils, clay tools, paper clips even a pair of Caesars...sorry, scissors.

Here are a few of them...

So, a Roman walked into a pub, held up two fingers and said "I'll have five pints please".

More soon!


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