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Yes! Another blog for you to read! Well, I say another blog, this one is different from any other blog I've done.  I could tell you that I'm going to blog about my fantastic new diet of unicorn poo and egg whites and how my bowels are renewed because of it or I could blog about what brilliant dead men's clothes I've picked up in 'vintage' shops and why you should be wearing it too.  I might call it 'Dirty Shirts and Clean Bowels' or 'Poundshop Paleo'.  I would if I thought you would actually care (I wouldn't).

I've decided to go for the autobiographical thing but accompany it with some scratchy pictures and scribbly illustrations.  You know the form, default mode inky squiggles.  There'll be one up later and it's quite a heavy as far as first posts go.  It's a little update about Dad but I'll let you know when it's up.

Talking of default scribbling, you'll notice around the site that there are a few galleries of things that aren't my default mode. There are a set of wrestlers up at the moment that are a slight departure along with some familiar inky things that may be more familiar to you as 'confident scruffiness', a technique I've spent years trying to make look easy/terrible.  There's new stuff coming up all the time but I'll keep you posted about those on The Facebook or The Twitter or that Instagram or by smoke signal or a series of low grunts.

Right, i'll leave you to it for a bit.

More soon x


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