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Too cool to #hashtag and FREE ART!

**EDIT** I know it says Saturday down there but ComicCon is on Sunday! SUNDAY the 11th at Athena in Leicester. xx

I've got this mate, Tom.  I should think we've all got mates like Tom.  That mate who is so similar to you that it's sometimes a bit scary.  I'm not going as far as to say 'it's like looking in a mirror' because Tom doesn't look like something Lowry forgot to draw: he is of normal size. We have the same interests and share many of the same hobbies and the contents of our attics are almost the same.  Cram packed with 80s toys and 90s collectables, you can't move without treading on a Bushwhacker or dropping your POGs.

We arsed about together at college, then arsed about about a lot more at uni and have continued to arse about right up to the present day.  Gold standard arsing takes dedication and practice and we are very dedicated and very practiced.  These days we spend our time watching films, eating top notch cakes (supplied by Tom's wife, Rach), building Lego, collecting 'stuff' and making things.  We like to make.  It's taken us years and years to get our act together and actually produce stuff but now, finally, before we both retreat into old age and male pattern baldness (too late), we're actually doing things.

A couple of weeks ago we ventured into town to conduct a little experiment called #freeartdrop.  It's so cool that it's got one of those little hashtag things before it like what that band #wanderection might use to blow up twitter.  Sorry, #twitter.  We scattered our arty wares around Leicester city centre in a few random places for people to find and pick up, like some kind of scribbly dirty bomb.  It worked and felt quite good!  We not only managed to promote our 'stuff' but also made ourselves feel quite good by giving some stuff away for free.  Free stuff cheers people up and that can only be a good thing.

Tom gave away a lot of these...

I gave away a few of these...

This weekend sees ComicCon descend on Leicester, bringing with it cosplayers, men wearing tshirts with obscure TV quotes emblazoned on the front and Tribbles.  There are always Tribbles.  We knew this event was happening a while ago so we've decided to get ourselves back out into town on Saturday to drop some MORE FREE ART!  We've obviously aimed this little batch at the sci-fi/comic book/box set market so here you go...

Tom's packs included stuff like this;

My packs include a few of these...

Most of this stuff will be available to buy through our websites but Saturday is your chance to get your mitts on it for free!!

So, if you happen to be around Leicester on Saturday and can face wading knee deep through Stormtroopers, Orcs and Benders (think about it) then come along and try and pick up some lovely FREE ART!!  No harm in trying eh?!

Do excuse me, i've got to go and reorder my POGs.

Love you x

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