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Hello! Fancy seeing you here!  BE WARNED! This post contains Christmas stuff way too early.  I'm only posting it now in case you might want to have a go yourself.

Let's talk about Christmas cards.  Not the ones you bought from me because they're all gone now and you were lovely to buy them! Thank you! No, let's talk about why you're not on my Christmas card list this year.  You're not on it because there isn't one.  Not because I'm holding a grudge about the time you ate all the pink Iced Gems (yeah, you know who you are), the time you stuck that transfer on the Lego in a frankly slapdash way (you...yeah...) or even the time you made a brew that hadn't touched the tea bag let alone massed for 2.5 mins (cat pee tea people, you are the worst). Nothing like that.

Christmas usually involves a lot of treats.  Feels good to treat people at Christmas!  Buying your kids little extras here and there, stuffing their rosy faces with turkey, chocolates and tinsel (don't...Social Services won't be happy) and generally spoiling them rotten.  I'm a sucker for those massive boxes of Wine Gums.  Or Matchmakers!  PIGS IN BLANKETS!!  Extra stuff that makes Christmas a bit more...more.

Thing is, there are plenty of people around who can't do that.  They can't add the extras on because they struggle to provide the daily stuff let alone the extras.  It's an easy situation to find yourself in and it must be unimaginably tough if you do.  I'm under the impression that children should have something to enjoy at Christmas even if it is just something small.  There's a foodbank down the road from us in Wigston run by The Salvation Army.  They're busy all year and do a great job helping people out.  This year, instead of buying cards for you, I've bought these for them...

They'll go into food parcels in the next few weeks and hopefully find their ways into a small person's life in time for December.  Little bit of extra.

So, thanks for not being on my Christmas card list and I'll look forward to not sending you one next year too.

Lots of love x


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