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Wrap, sack and crackers.

In the words of bespectacled Yellow Submarine dweller John Lennon; "So this is Christmas and what have you done?"

Here are some things that have been going on this side of the drawing board on the run up to Tinselfest/Christmas/Eczemas/Winterbole.  There was this year's advent event that involved me scribbling my way through an A to Z of Christmas.  Why I hadn't done this before I'll never know. 26 letters, 26 days!  Makes perfect sense when you think about it.  I've been popping them up on Facebook and Instagram for the whole world to see and they'll be on sale as a little set ready for next Christmas.  You can view all the pics so far just here...CLICK!  Some of you lovely folks bought the poster version...

Some of you bought set of last year's Advent Event (Calendar Squares) and sent me some photos of those...

I've loved seeing how you've used them and how much you've enjoyed putting them on your walls, stairs, mirrors, dogs etc.  This one is great, possibly my favourite...

Love it.

Thank you to you all for buying them.  It's a really nice feeling to know your stuff is up there in in people's homes at such a special time of year.  Keep your eye on the shop bit of the site in the New Year for some new cards and various other bits of art and goodies.  If you've got any suggestions as to what you might like to see there then just leave a little comment down below.

Right. I've done my wrapping (nearly), I've planned what cheese I want to eat and when I want to eat it on a handy spreadsheet and I think I'm ready for the next few days.

If I get a chance to scribble a few Strip-a-Day specials I might do that too...

More soon x

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