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I've got to admit that I wobbled a bit on Christmas Morning.  I was on my own in the kitchen making a brew prior to going to the hospital.  Not hospital for the usual 2015 reasons.  Let me just be very clear that I was off to the hospital to spread some good cheer by following a brass band around while they did a lot of work and I did not much not, as has been the trend of 2015, to visit very ill relatives or to pick up strong, bowel tickling medication.  I'm handy for taking photos and knowing my way around the hospital.  Actually, if the teaching job ever dries up or we're all replaced by computerised thumbs in business suits then I could feasibly become a hospital Porter.  Or a Brain Surgeon.

2015 has been a stinker in many ways but also really good in many other ways.  The bad bits included Dad's brain jettisoning memories half way through February which caused a lot of concern for everyone.  What was it?  Would he get better?  Would he ever remember where the kettle was again?  These things were worrying to say the least.  No sooner had we got that sorted when some really nasty flesh eating bug decided to take a fancy to his left arm.  That was the worst bit.  That bit is still pretty raw in my head and I don't like touching it because it makes my eyes sting.  Not touching it is maybe not the best policy but I am working on it.  Since that sweaty night drinking sweet tea in a hospital waiting room (of which I can remember almost every detail) things have been ok.  Not the same, but ok.  We can live with ok.  Another worrying bit was the fact that my ever interesting, Crohn's riddled, throw-a-six-to-start bowel started trying to punch its way out again a few weeks ago.  That's worrying as I don't know what's coming next.  I can guess it might not be a relatively painfree 2016 on an island somewhere surrounded by all the food I can eat.  I can guess it might be a relatively painful 2016 on a bed somewhere surrounded by all the food I can't eat.  Intestines crossed for the first one eh?

There have been good bits too.  The good bits included watching my two beautiful nephews turn into proper humans.  Proper noisy, energetic, walking, talking, funny, stupid humans.  And the other one, the girl one, turning into one of those almost teenager humans.  One of the good ones, not one of the ones that just grunt like a broken dog.  I've loved that.  Drawing more things, sitting down and actually doing stuff for my own benefit, to sell on or just to share has been a major change this year too.  My brilliant job (two jobs at the start of the year) surrounded by lovely supportive people who don't mind if I'm dragging myself in for half days and looking like a haunted house.  Weddings, births, engagements, new friends and old friends.  All these bits have slotted in between the nasty bits and taken the edge off.

All these bits and more are why I wobbled slightly when I was hunched over the kettle on Christmas Morning.  Dad bumbled down the stairs whistling some old carol and I realised that life is just this series of bits.  Just bits, squeezing their way out of your circumstances like a big Play-Doh Fun Factory.  If you can get past the worst bits and see the good bits then it makes your bit even better.  It makes your bit even stronger.  I think that's what this year was all about.  The kettle had boiled and everyone was still there. All the best bits. 

Thanks for being brilliant this year.

See you soon x

Oh yeah, look... I actually managed to get my Pig In Blanket after 4 weeks of liquid diet.  That was a bone fide brilliant bit!!

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