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I get along without (bowels) very well...

except when I want to eat stuff.  Or actually do things.  Cor, it's been a fast week or so.  Took my origami insides to see the consultant last Tuesday and by Thursday I was booked in for surgery.  

The last few months haven't been fantastic and I'm not going to moan about here as quite frankly I could bore an arsehole in a wooden horse with tedious medical escapades these days, needless to say that things have been a bit messy all around.  All you need to know is that on May the 4th (yes, Star Wars Day...don't think I haven't thought about all the 'Jabba' jokes) I'm booked in for a bit of choppy choppy stitchy stitchy.

Choppy choppy stitchy stitchy is ok by me.  I can do that and in all honesty, I'm looking forward to not having to deal with a few niggling issues again.  For a while at least.  It's not going to be pretty and it's not going to be a walk in the park.  It's going to be a few weeks in hospital and a lot of achy bits, but this is all stuff I know I can do.  5th time.  Head down, get on, put up, shut up.

There might be other things attached to this operation and attached to me when it's all over and that's also a thing I'll need to get my head around.  Fairly sharpish as it goes.  Still, I'll keep you all posted on this stuff as it happens.



I know it's been quiet on the art front but I am working on that too!  It's generally the first thing that escapes me when I'm feeling a bit ropey but I can feel it coming back which is why I'm opening the order book.  I've got a few weeks until the bowel brigade literally tear me a new one so let's make the most of it. You've seen what I do (comics, character work, inky seriousness, silliness...)  and if you'd like something doing then just go ahead and ask!  Use your imagination!  I love it when you do.  There are 5 places free in the book on a first come first served basis.  A4 sized original artwork will be £20.  Anything else, bigger or smaller,  then just let me know and we can chat about it.

Email me on and let me know what you'd like.  REMEMBER!  First come first served with this one, 5 places only so BE QUICK!

I'll be back with more soon... xx

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